F4000 Operation Box

Special Tablet PC for PP480 Series Flat Knitting Machine

 Embedded Linux operating system, carrying A8 processor with faster running speed. 

Functional Features:
• Carrying Cortex-A8 processor with faster running speed.
• Embedded Linux operating system. 
• High-speed 485 communication between master controller and operation box, convenient connection,
  providing reliable long-distance communication. 
• Can support a variety of mainstream man-machine interface. 
• Support multiple languages. 
• Two USB interface, convenient for data storage and expansion. 
• Compatible with the mainstream pattern file, can store nearly a thousand of patterns with large capacity. 
• Equipped with Ethernet network interface. 
• Support external wireless module (2G/3G/4G/Wi-Fi). 
• 7 inches, 10.4 inches and 12.1 inch display screen, support all-touch and keys + touching mode.